Why Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet is a floor covering having an upper layer of pile attached to a backing. It is made up of wool or any other synthetic fibres. It adds up the charm and beauty to your floor .It has nowadays become a basic need for homes as it provides a soft feel to your feet. But more charismatic it is more care it needs. Your toddlers spent their entire day moving here and there around carpet. But do you trust your carpet? As your loved ones spent entire day being there sitting in your living room, lying there. Your carpet needs care and attention too as your toilets and kitchens require. Dust particulates which can enter into your house through doors, windows or through your body, shoes and clothes is been locked into the fibre of your beloved and fascinating carpet. It is the most vulnerable to pests but still very ignorant. You are giving proper attention to your toilets but do you know an unclean or stained carpet is more unhygienic rather than those tiles. The soil and dust particle which is trapped within those fibres is very difficult to get rid of. Just simple and casual mopping or by using vacuum cleaners really remove all these particles, NO sometimes it requires certain other measures to remove them.

Consequences of unclean carpets –

Unclean carpets can lead to asthmatic problems and issues like coughing and more severe ENT problems. Don’t you realise in spite of proper health care your family members still suffered from various health issues….. It is none other than caused by that unclean and unhygienic carpet lying just under your feet.

Common pests found in unclean carpets –

Carpet beetles is most common pest found if you have carpet and very difficult to remove from mopping and vacuum cleaners.To know the extent of ill effects on health by these pests. You can just Google and read about Black Death incident caused by these pests which leads to the death of 200 million people. Malaria, yellow fever and lot more can cause to your loved ones.

Can you take risk where your family is concerned?

Just keep into your mind before leaving your kid onto a carpet would it be safe? So it’s better to be alert and preventive rather than regretting all your life for this ignorance. Now you needs to decide whether you want a healthy and hygienic environment for your loved ones or unhealthy or unhygienic. You are allowing and welcoming someone dangerous all over you which are living with you and unknowingly feeding by you and ultimately stealing that mesmerising smile of your loved one.

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