Smoke Addicted….. How it Affects on Your Teeth and Gums?

As we seen in our daily life that the people who have smoke addicted are suffered with higher risk of gum problems and there are so many complications after tooth extractions and surgery in the mouth. Additionally when you don’t provide proper care of your gums and teeth then it will also cause oral cancer. Smokers have a lowered resistance to infections and have impaired healing. If you don’t let this smoking or don’t take any actions then as it can arise some pretty serious issues down the line. When the action of smoking is performed then it will affect on the oral health and it would be one of the areas that are negatively affected by the act. So it is very important for a smoker that he can take extra care of his mouth and teeth as well. When the person is smoking addicted then it would dramatically impact the health and condition of your teeth and gums. From gum disease, smoking can aggravate some of the most common oral health problems. When you were suffered with smoking related oral health issues then it is mandatory for you that you have to take the check up from dentist who helps you to restore your smile.

Effects of Smoking to your Teeth:-

When your teeth come in direct contact with the dangerous toxins of cigarette you inhale when you take a drag. It’s little surprise they’re harmed so severely by tobacco. The effects of smoking on teeth can lead to tooth decay and also cause a challenge with restorative dentistry. When there is gum recession then it can cause uneven margins on crowns and other restorations.

• Smoking affects on the color of your teeth because the chemicals in tobacco grip to the enamel in your teeth and also cause stain over time. At that time you have to take teeth whitening treatments that help to slow down this process.

• Smoking not only provides the risk of tooth extraction and oral surgery but also slows down your body’s ability to recover from these procedures. It also lowers the rate of successful dental implant procedures.

• Smoking also develops the oral cancer by the combination with heavy drinking. The major symptoms of oral cancer begin with white or red patch in the mouth that can be accompanied by difficulty chewing.

How dentist helps:-

• The people who are smoke addicted take regular check-ups with your dentist and you have to make sure that if there are any oral problems they can be diagnosed as soon as possible. In that case you have to take regularly brushing, flossing and using a tongue cleaner.

• If it is difficult to quit smoking then at that time you have to try and reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke. You have regular cleaned your teeth and gums twice a day with toothpaste that contains fluoride.

• The people who are smoke addicted tried to avoid foods that can cause further staining, compounding on the damages already done by the use of tobacco. So they should also avoid to eating foods that are highly acidic in composition as they can cause enamel breakdown and cavities.

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