Basement Waterproofing Columbus

Basement Waterproofing Columbus

We can offer a two tiered approach to waterproofing and that not only sealing but also rerouting water from the proofed area.

Bowed Walls

Walls that protrude inward are often a first sign that there’s external pressure on your basement. The solution to the problem can vary. Let us take a look at your situation and help you map out a plan that makes sense for you.

Drainage Problems

Keeping water away from your home and its foundation is essential. We will make sure all slope and downspout problems are taken care of to ensure your home’s integrity.


We can offer a two tiered approach to waterproofing that not only sealing but also rerouting water from the proofed area.

Foundation Repairs

Foundation Repair
Foundation Repair

Symptoms of a foundation that’s in need of repair include warning such as cracked basement floors, cracked walls, sticking windows or doors, and warped window glass.  Foundation repairs require specialized skill and knowledge. With Gordon Waterproofing you’ll rest easy knowing that our owner is a trained Civil Engineer with many years’ experience.

Basement Finishing

Having a fully finished and functioning basement is the easiest and most cost effective ways to adding square footage to your home.

The Process

What happens when you call Gordon Waterproofing?

1) We offer a variety of services to remedy your basement waterproofing problems. We start with the most common and easy fix by inspecting all grading around the foundation to be sure for proper drainage away from the building.

2) We inspect to be sure that all downspouts and sump pumps are properly draining away from the building.

3) We then inspect the inside of the foundation to see if there are signs of pressure against the outside of the wall forcing the wall to be pushed in over time.

4) The owner, Kevin Gordon, will walk you through each step of the process inspecting your basement, explaining the issues, and recommending solutions. We offer a free estimate so that you know exactly what the job includes. Kevin Gordon does not sell products or unnecessary services. He only provides top notch solutions with no gimmicks or sale pitches.


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